Friday, 25 August 2006

Boom boody boom

Today I have to go and have my heart monitored under stress. This doesn't seem to me a bad thing since both my parents were told in their 20s that they would be lucky to see 30. My father did have a massive heart attack when he was 59, but my mother lived until she was 83 and then just died!
But with occasional chest pain and giddiness it is as well to be safe rather than the proverbial sorry. At least the doctor the other day seemed to think it was unlikely there was a problem.
Well we hope so!!
For all you smokers out there, I was interested to note that she still seemed to think that having been quite a heavy smoker was still a risk factor...even though I gave up 22 years ago. But I had smoked for 15 years. So stop now!!

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