Tuesday, 22 August 2006

Ich habe genug! - I have enough

I blogged not so long ago about why enough is never enough (here) and this morning in my online meditation time (here: good resource to checkout if you're that way inclined) we have "Ich habe genug" from one of those Bach Cantatas that he just churned out ( No 82) and yet they are some of the most powerfully sublime music in the world.
The passage that goes with it are those words...It is hard for a rich person to enter into the kingdom of heaven... an interesting response fromm Peter comes.....who then can be saved? and later he says "What will we have?"
I am often struck by that curious response.
At the very least Peter seems to assume that Jesus is confronting a value...becoming rich.... that everyone just takes for granted.
Now I am now old enough to know that that value is shallow, but it is often hard to remain convinced. Or to say with any conviction I have enough!
The commentator asks of you and me...what are the riches that you are storing up....do any of them get in the way.
There is an unspoken question...what will we have? This is not an unreasonable question. We pursue this religious stuff for a purpose, what will we have? I have been well-schooled to want almost nothing material. Childhood frugality, and austere religious values. And yet I have enormous amount of stuff!!
I find the values of my children confronting, because by and large they have been seduced by the values of the world...but are gradually (and sadly) learning their shallowness too. Maybe there is hope.
At times I want to cry out....is this all there is? Or ...this isn't working!...but maybe today's gift can be (for a little while at least) Ich habe genug! - I have enough

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