Tuesday, 1 August 2006

It's time to go.....Camilla, Johnny, Jamie, Peter, Ehud, Ibrahim

What will I blog about tomorrow? ]
Now that BB has ended (poor result I think...but who cares) I will have to stop musing about what "reality" means.
Now that the PM has said he will be leading the party to the next election ((poor result I think...but do we care?)....well maybe there is a little more in that story still to go.
It will only take the Lebanese war to end (well I think we all should care about that) but then that will be over.....I was faintly surprised to hear Dr Rice say that she was hopeful there would be a ceasefire within a week. I wanted to shout out ....perhaps if you had stopped supplying Israel with weapons then there would have been a ceasefire a long time ago. they were,of course, (and are) still supplying them as rtecently as yesterday and dragging their allies along with them.
Any way, back to the PM. I reckon that there is a degree of smartness going on here that needs to be recognised. And Costello could well be in on it.
Let's ask ourselves if we were Peter Costello would you rather be PM opr Leader of the Opposition?
Let's also ask who is more likely to lead the Liberals to victory, Costello or Howard? I think the answer is obvious. So, reluctantly, Costello is wiser to let Howard win the victory and then to take over than to risk being seen not only as the "also-ran leader" but as the one who lost the election.
No, there is more to all this than meets the eye.
The sad thing is, as one writer put it yesterday, the fact that we are maintaining the status quo means the endless droning on of the questioning of the PM about whether or not he will see out a full term....if we think about it for more than 3 seconds we will realise that it is not terrible significant for you and me. It is a selection of variety rather than a fundamental choice of philosophy.
Ahhhh! roll on Sunday......(Australian Idol begins!)

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