Friday, 11 August 2006

Roll 'em, Roll 'em, Roll 'em

The fence around the new building was shifted so that we can no longer access the front door of the church. At times our driveway is blocked so we have to park on the road. Ohhhh how easily our lives are disturbed.
Any way things are moving on apace...I am pleased to say.
This week's activity has principally been the taking out of the compacted earth that was our car park and replacing it with lovely new soil (looks terribly fertile).

Which is why, I suppose, it will then be turned into a car park.
Suddenly the all too confined space between the church and the centre looks huge as the young guy driving the roller flattens the new stuff out. It looked like fun, I wanted to ask himn if I could have a go!
Roll on opening date.

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