Saturday, 5 August 2006

Who was that person I saw you with last night?

Adelaide being such a small place, it is not possible to go to semi-amateur theatre (A funny thing happened on the way to forum by 20 to 1 Theatre ) and fail to see or be seen. So there were several people whose boyfriend's name was Chuck there. (You need to watch Legally Blondeto understand that!!)
Any way I was indeed seen, or not seen. Let me relate three incidents.....we went because S's friend Robert, Bob...or as he was referred to in the program "Bobby".... was on stage. And did well.
Bob's mother came to chat to S & I at interval.. 5 minutes in she says to S..."And how's your mum and dad?"
I don't know who she thought I was. Or why S would be going to the theatre with a 50+ year old man unless he was her father.
To be sure I didn't recognise her either, having only met her once....but I was at least able to work out.,. who she was.
Then after the performance, T who we once knew quite well, who has been in our house and iced cakes with us for Christmas, smiled and when I said "Hello" she replied "I should know who you are...?" And I was amazed that she didn't ...I simply said "Well I have probably lost a lot weight since last I saw you"
On the way home after everyone had congratulated the cast the said Bobby SMS'd my daughter...."Was that you FATHER who was with you?" Who did Bob think was accompanying Sarah!!!!
Have I disappeared completely? Am I a caterpillar that has turned into a butterfly?
It is so Kafkaesque! And typical of our society that weight loss renders your a new person.
Vaguely humorous

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