Wednesday, 6 September 2006

In the midst of crikey on the stubble

No one would doubt that the early death of Steve Irwin is sad. Though a Ms G Greer commented today (in The Guardian) that there was no fragile habitat into which he would not crash (the pot calling the kettle black perhaps). I think that is what quiet people like me found so disturbing about him. The world will be sadder but slightly quieter and certainly less ridiculous.
I mourn the loss of the great Colin Thiele. Not so much for the books of my childhood, because they weren't as I grew up in another country with non-Australian schools and parents.
He did speak at my first graduation with wit and candour about the development of schools in Sa in the late 19th and early 20th century . His contribution as an educationalist, author and genuine all-round nice guy was steadfast but profound. Much greater, in my opinion, than Irwin's which was pretty superficial.
Amidst all this Cam died. Father of eight, and grandfather of many. Married to his one wife of 57 years he will be cremated on Friday by a large group of people but no press coverage at all.
Death contains all these contradictions.
Don't even start me on the conference I went to yesterday, and my feelings about death in the church.

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