Tuesday, 19 September 2006

Is this all there is?

It was interesting to hear (as always) Andrew Denton interview Jamie Oliver on Enough Rope last night. I am not a person who warms to Oliver, he seems like a right opinionated little brat most of the time. Not, in fact, unlike Denton! Or what Denton used to be like when he was Oliver's age.
With that extraordinary courage of a style of modern presenter, Denton would boldly go where no one had ever gone before. Most of it was daring and amusing like getting Rolf Harris to sing Stairway to Heaven with his 'wobble board'.
Denton it seems to me is highly intelligent and articulate, and Enough Rope ha sshown us that he is simply not only a good interviewer but a great one. Able to put his guests at ease they do indeed use the rope given, not so much to hang themselves but, to be exposed in an intimate way.
Not that Oliver is any stranger to exposing himself. One scene shown last night of him and his wife having a distressing encounter in front of the cameras during a documentary on their life was particularly poignant. And I thought Oliver expressed the rationale of his actions quite well. If I choose to be honest then honest I shall be.
Such an attitude needs to be scrutinised since there is nothing more dishonest than the man who protests absolute honesty of life when there are glaring omissions or an ability to be brutally introspective.
I speak from personal experience!
But Oliver strikes me as better than this.
Whilst clearly having grand designs...or perhaps big visions is a less emotive terms.... nevertheless his subject matter is a rationale of day to day life which seems firmly grounded in reality and well thought through.
He talks of the need for people, families, men to take food seriously. An issue which is increasingly important in our society, to be grounded in common sense and healthy lifestyle without going overboard. From this he draws a commitment to family life which (like Denton's) is strangely unfamiliar to much of this modern world. He understands the need to allow his wife space to be herself and to make her decisions. To teach children the basics of coping with life (like cooking and proper food preparation) which seems to be so hard these days.
It prompts us to note that life is given meaning in its day to day living and not just in the enactment of the great political, world-stage sort of stuff which so often fascinates us but is not where we live 90% of our life.
Is this all there is? yes, and it is plenty and good!
So make the most of the little stuff of today.

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