Friday, 3 November 2006

Climate change

The shrinking (North) Polar ice cap-1979 -2003

Interesting reflections emerge about the climate change debate. Although its become the "in topic", several more serious commentators are noting that in the last 5-10 years the actual science has become more sharply honed. Such a one was Alan Dupont on Margaret Throsby this a.m.
His keen observation is worth listening to.
Observing the political scene one could be forgiven for thinking that the sort of opportunistic vote-seeking politics that both our major parties go in for will not be a good mindset for actually dealing with the problem.
If I hear the idiocy of our PM saying we are not signing Kyoto because other people (chiefly the Yanks we should note) are not signing; and it makes no sense unless everyone signs it, then I swear I shall scream! Little J is such an opportuntist and ballot-box responsive that he will never do more than cobble together a policy which will win him what votes he can (see here).
This simply is not good enough, we will need leadership which will lead not just that which will push from behind, or follow the most popular line.
Where is Adolf when you need him?

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