Friday, 24 November 2006

Cricket, poinsettias, Christmas

I had never seen a poinsettia before I came to Australia. And where we lived they seemed to bloom in the winter. So there were poinsettias for Pentecost (June) which was good because the Pentecost colour is red.
However in Mexico, poinsettias are a Christmas flower. Christmas of course being in Winter in Guadlajara!
Aunty (referred to below) gave us one as a gift of thanks for our recent little time together.
In this age where times and seasons no longer matter we often see the poinsettia (though there may be two different types). After some thought I decided to risk planting it in a "filtered sunlight" position in the garden.
Other signs of Christmas are the cricket. Soon the Adelaide Test will begin from our beautiful Adelaide Oval.
The Jacaranda have done their bit to let us know the exam season is ending. And best of all it's in the high 30s for the rest of the week.
Christmas must be a month away tomorrow!!!

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