Tuesday, 7 November 2006

The day of days

What a day we will have of it today? Apart from the race that stops the nation.

We are also having the water summit to end all water summits, (which will need to be over in time to allow Premier Bracks to attend the race). I wonder what will get the most attention?
Consideration is also going on about the inevitable rise in interest rates, which is necessary to control our out of the box need to consume which is funded largely (and unrealistically) by expensive credit being freely available...a major cause of inflation. Those of us who complain about interest rate rises should realise that the ball lies firmly in our own court. If we were to control our credit spending then interest rates would not need to rise.
In the meantime the senate is discussing stem cell research, an important debate which appears to be progressing well. But does the general populace pay myuch attention .....certainly not between 2-3 they won't

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Mary J said...

Didn't win anything at all