Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Global cooling

Shower or two. Min 11 Max 17
Thursday Fine. Morning cloud. Min 13 Max 20
Friday Fine. Mostly sunny. Min 10 Max 24
Saturday Fine. Mostly sunny. Min 14 Max 30
Sunday Fine. Mostly sunny. Min 15 Max 33
Monday Hot. Late change. Min 17 Max 36

One of the things that I was taught to do at University (but I'm not very good at) was to look at statistical information properly, and to draw appropriate conclusions not (just) the ones that I wanted to.
Now, I'm generally a believer with regard to climate change. But during these bitterly cold days of late I have not heard one person suggest that this cold snap is heralding a new age of 'global cooling'....but you can bet that on Saturday we will hear once again from misreaders of statistics (like the weather forecast for the next few day above) about global warming!
So (far be it from me to suggest too often) little Johnny is right when he says that global warming is not going to happen tomorrow, and we need to be measured in our approach and response (here). But I cannot buy the argument that therefore we should do nothing until the "big players" (the US and China) get their acts together. Nor am I convinced thjat Howard really believes that, if he did then Australia would never do anything abotu anything.
I say we should do what we can, as soon as we can. Anything less is stupid.
Any way rug up and enjoy the day!!!

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mary j said...

I don't understand Mr Howard's reluctance to get into this. Do you?