Wednesday, 22 November 2006


My morning reflection and prayers today ask me the question "What things have I been entrusted with?"
It 's not a rocket science question in many ways and I can arrive quickly at the conclusion that I have been entrusted with a great human treasure. Wife, children, family, parish, friends.
I have a lot of material resources at my finger tips, and, in whole world terms although as a priest I am not in any way wealthy, I do not really want for anything.
The meditation goes on as the scripture says...being faithful in small things you will be entrusted with big things. Have I been faithful with the small things entrusted to me?
There is a a sort of 'mixed economy' I have been quite diligent about some things and slack about others.
It is, any way, a thought to keep me going during the day. What sort of a go have I made of what has been given to me?


trevor said...

That's an important point, I think.

Everything is a gift from God; relationships, family, all experiences that make up this ultimate gift called life, whatever material things we manage to accumulate. A measure of us is how we use and care for all of those gifts. I suppose the measure is how we value those gifts and acknowledge their source.

It was one of the revelations in my journey of discovery, to recognise that everything comes from God and is a gift of God.

BTW, on thanksgiving and spotting the real turkey. I'm presently in Salt Lake City, Utah (on work) and have been invited to Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow afternoon (Thursday); turkey, potato and all the trimmings, followed by pumpkin pie. And at the home of a strongly observant LDS member and his family - this could be interesting.

Happy Thanksgiving.

stephen clark said...

Hope you enjoy Thanksgiving, I am deeply envious of your opportunity to have a real American turkey.