Sunday, 24 December 2006


Have that curious feeling of knowing there is much to do here on Christmas Eve, but it's 7.51 on a Sunday morning and while I would usually be vested by now ready to say the first Eucharist we are only having one service because it is Christmas Eve and it is at 9. Feels almost indecent. I have had a sharpening pencils start to the day (here)but have resisted the temptation to drink caffeine...this will not last (here)
By the time I get back (it will be short and sharp) everything will be efficient. We have to get through a long day, and be ready for the "fun" of tomorrow.
My mother sometimes used to speak Polish to us (don't know why) and say " Boże Narodzenie jest dla matek" which I think means something like ...Christmas is for mothers....I am sure someone will enlighten me if that is not the case
I have just made myself a cup of coffee...well there is half an hour of pencil sharpening to do.

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