Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Sitting lightly

It is not always that you hear lawyers speaking gently or positively so I was impressed when chatting with one of my friends, a lawyer, last night about a seemingly unalterable difficult situation that he said "Of course grace abounds".
It all depends on the way you choose to view situations, he suggested; so often the sytem invites us to look negatively or selfishly but we can choose to look differently. I sometimes call this "sitting lightly".
So in the last few days I have seen some difficult stuff, and am chastened by those who sit lightly in the face of adversity, and a little saddened by those who find themselves unable so to do.
Chastened by the mother who wraps her dying son in the quilt made for him while he was in hospital; chastened by the friend who so looked forward to being a parent that no when she lost that baby she is finding this Christmas time really hard; chastened by another one dying and in great pain who simply wants to come home for Christmas. Chastened by a lovely daughter or three who is just edging into the season and gently trying to make everyone's life good today and the next day.....aaah too melancholic I feel, too sermonical. But grace abounds.

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