Saturday, 9 December 2006

'Tis the season

The season of Advent never fails (so it seems each year) to weave its magic. As the weeks go on and Christmas draws near so much unfolds that it is difficult to escape its challenge, its beauty.
In the northern half of the world the encroaching darkness and cold, is pierced by the bright bizarreness of Christmas lights which look fabulous for that reason.
Here in the south nothing could be more different. Particularly when we are struck by a rush of hot weather....yesterday over 40, more of the same today. So the bright purples of jacaranda (almost over), agapanthus (better than they have ever been) defiantly refuse to be bleached and echo in themselves the liturgical colour. Somehow the heat and the bright light seems very Advent too.
The daily meditation prayer on the Advent antiphons goes
O Wisdom,Lord and Ruler
Root of Jesse, Key of David ,
Rising Sun King of the nations,
Come Lord Jesus

O Sapientia, O Adonai.
O Radix Jesse, O Clavis David,
O Oriens, O Rex Gentorum,
O Emmanuel.
Veni, Domine Jesus.

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