Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Morning sun

Although today will not be particularly hot (mid 30s) we are beginning a really hot spell. Tomorrow will be 40 and so too the day after. By Sunday we will plummet again, maybe even a little rain.
There is something about the morning sun when it is hotter. It seems to energise everything and everyone. In this house no one seemed to care at 5.45 that I might not be leaving the house and could lie in bed for an hour, they were full of early morning energy.
So I capitulated and got up, pottered around. Conscious of the fact that I am half in holiday mode I am using the laptop outside, where for the moment it is still quite mild (8.30) it will not be so in an hour.
The sun's energy seems to propel one to relax rather than work. To relax with a vengeance. I am having too many ideas and keep flitting from pillar to post unable to complete anything. I must do some reading. I must do some planning. I must write a newsletter. I must put out some info about the AGM. I must visit the lady in hospital. I must attend to travel insurance and I ,must make booking for accomodation and travel in May, there is a sermon to write and various bits of administration to attend to....I shall endeavour to report back later in the day to let you know how I go.

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