Saturday, 27 January 2007

On being a cad

I had an attack of charitable cowardice the other day. A young girl came to to the door and thrust a "Save the Children" pamphlet into my face. I am normally defensive about doorknowcking charity seekers, though I respect "Save the Children"
Conscious of the fact that I have a bit of Christmas money destined for charity sitting in my pocket, this seemd like a good thing to pursue.
It was stinking hot. The girl assured me that she was not collecting money now. So I decided that this would be good to support. But I was ready to hand over $40 cash
OK she said....let me see your driving licence.
"Why?" I asked. But she didn't seem to hear.then she flung open a giant form which wanted credit card details and direct debit etc. etc.....
So I said "No thank you!"

After all this was all happening at the doorstep, unsolicited. .She looked astonished and uncomprehending
I do feel like a cad sometimes when I reneg on being charitable. But the more I've written this, the more I think I was prudent. I am inclined to think we will aim for a $20 or $30/month project...but I am blowed if I am going to do it on a stinking hot day, unsolicited at the doorstep.
Was I mean? Am I a cad?

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