Monday, 8 January 2007

Pigeons on the grass

It is always heartening to hear the copious warbling of the magpies. This morning there was a bunch of them in the rose garden watching the traffic as people wended their
way to work. To hear one or two together is a delight. To see and hear five or six is ecstasy!
I often think that you see more of them close by (like all animals) when things are harsh as they have to take greater risks for food when it is scarce. [frightened they would fly away before I photographed them I also fed them a little morning tea!!] The very dry conditions that we have been experiencing are indeed very harsh, though this theory cannot explain these Maggies because we have had some rain over the last couple of days, but the aridity is so profound that everything seems to dry up very quickly.
As I looked up to go back inside two galahs, and then a third swooped
over the house. Alas I had no coffee cake to entice them to stay for photos.
What does it mean?
Of course it is Epiphany and those of us who know the Leunig cartoon know all about the Adoration of the Magpie.
I couldn't find that one so here 's another early Epiphany cartoon to lighten your day. (It's worth going to the Library to find the early Leunig cartoon books to have a good chuckle)


Anonymous said...

I used this cartoon in my Christmas sermon, and sadly, for many of my people, it went straight through to the keeper!!!!!!

stephen clark said...

It's a good one though.
I wonder what the orthodoxo might make of it....who proceeded from the Father and the Son!!