Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Tomorrow's announcement today

There is little doubt that President Bush will make no friends tomorrow when he tries to justify the sending of 30,000 more troops to Iraq.
It is difficult to both understand and to escape the logic. On the one hand Iraq is clearly the most unstable place in the world, and the 30,000 troops will go towards establishing the stability that is necessary to allow the withdrawal. But will they be able to do what the troops already there have been unable to achieve.
It is difficult to understand just what this war has achieved, and this is the mystery of war...does it actually achieve anything. Apart from the execution of Saddam, which seems to have been more an exercise in bloodlust than peace-making, it is difficult to sustain the case that Iraq is safer now than it was.
I heard an American senator say the other day that he had been to Baghdad 6 times, the first was to buy carpets and the last .....well we all know about the last.
Theer are, however, those whose lives were tyrannised by the evil of Saddam Hussein
The thing that depresses me most about this sorry affair is that it does rather prove the argument that war is not about achieving goals, they are about politics. Bush won a short term victory, until mothers started to lose their sons.
Australia lacks any credibility at all. In wanting to seem to be a big player we all know that we are a piddling little country with few military resources. We ride on the Yankee back hoping for glory by association.
In so doing we lose all credibility because we cannot critique the war that has gone horribly wrong. So terrified are we of losing the American alliance, that we dare not critique what has manifestly failed to work and what has become an immoral debacle.

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