Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Let the games commence

Some will groan at the sparring that has begun between Messrs Howard and Rudd, like some macho show of strength.
It does seem to me that the quality of debate has lifted, and we are witnessing what happens when an Opposition works in some way appraching the way it should.
We have for too long had such weak opposition that the PM has said and done what he liked and (by and large) not had to answer for any of the more outrageous things he has said.
Part of the purpose of adversarial politics is to demand that leaders should have to justify everything. And that in so doing there is a considerable process of refinement and strengthening. While that could be perceived as tiresome for a sitting power broker ny and large (an I think we are witnessing it now) it is not just nit-picking it is for the good of all concerned.
That Messrs Howard and Co have not had satisfactory opposition for the last two or three years (at least) shows, and so he has become rather used to acting autocratically and has gone unchallenged. There was in the Parliament yesterday something of a sugegstion that he didn't like being questioned over and over again and became rather patronising and peremptory with his answers. It is not a good look, and could I suggest ultimately be his downfall as he is perecived by the electorate to be arrogant and unaccountable.
Ultimately politicians pay the price for that sort of hubris.

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