Saturday, 3 February 2007

Those damned hats

There might just be some hope for us given that when our new bishop was consecrated today there was a great gail of laughter. It seemed thatt he might have been trying to put it on the wrong way.(Yes there is a "right way"...the wretched thing has tails on it and they have to hang down the back of your head or they block your eyes!)The good bishop (for such he then was) seemed to think this was a huge joke. Good to laugh at the hat, as the hat seems to be a symbol of hierarchy and "boys' club"


Brian said...

I visited from Canberra to attend the consecration service (which I much enjoyed); it was pleasant to see the warm warm way in which Stephen was received.

He is a very fine man and I shall miss him.

stephen clark said...

I am pleased to hear your recommendation, that is mainly what I have heard from those who know him