Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Virtual reality

As I type words into the air (almost) every day I have no idea where they might end up.
The site-count meter clicks over every day, and occasionally I get comments from people I don't know and sometimes from I don't know where. What all this means is a difficult issue to get a handle on.
Is it the extreme manifestation of the alienation that we read about in the novels of the 40s and the 50s? Have we preferred to create for ourselves little cocoons of 'reality' which are no more real than Donald Duck, and is this the biggest survival mechanism of all. Faced with the truth would we all go mad, and so we create a virtual reality which works in a shallow sort of way, but really serves to protect us and our delicate sensibilities.
I often hear Christians talking about a God they seem to have created who bears little resemblance to my God. A God they wish might exist, who has multiple magic wands to wave over any situation.
In so doing they direct all their energies at trying to get this God to wave the wretched thing, largely it seems to me to no avail.
And yet there are other times when it ius all too clear that God does break in, not I think to wave a wand but rather to connect us with truth and genuine reality.
Death is a point where this often seems to happen. Crisis often engenders the need to confront reality. Where it is too callous to play the sort of wand-waving game (we don't mind doing it at marriage or at birth, but at death the stakes are a bit higher, and in a crisis we need to shape up).
I need to stop spending so much time creating a virtual world ...not the blogging...but my life!

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