Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Hicks Hiccup

All of us are no doubt glad to see that the Hicks' debacle moved yesterday and that Hicks, in pleading guilty, has allowed some resolution of his personal hell...or at least some step towards that resolution.
Hicks has pleaded guilty, and no one imagines that that clarifies very much at all. It does allow him to be called the "convicted terrorist" or "the admitted felon"....but no one imagine that it actually reveals the extent of his involvement with Al Qaeda, whether he was a foot soldier or a military commander, whether he is being smart or just plain stupid
That it will bring him back to Adelaide seems almost certain, and that must be a relief for his family.
What it will not do is reveal to you and me the extent of his actual involvement
I continue to be incensed by Howard, Downer and Ruddock who say things like..."We are very angry that this has taken so long...we have always been disturbed about how long this has taken."
That is just not true! It is self-serving politico-spik. They were remarkably unconcerned about David Hicks until his prolonged detention in ther Guiantanamo limbo became an electoral liability.
I hope that we, the electors, remember this self-serving is not the only example of change of heart (global warming another!) which should be criticised for being too little too late.

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