Sunday, 25 March 2007


I am aware that from time to time I can obsess!
The end of daylight saving does nothing for this. Usually at 6.30 p.m. on the night before it starts or ends I have sussed out all the clocks and either changed them or lined them up to be changed before bed.
Likewise it is easy to obsess about statistics, so during my weight loss over the last couple of years I built up a record in Microsoft Excel which enables you to list and draw charts and add and average, and general to just be obsessive. In the last week I have been plotting webhits on this blog and have been pleasantly surprised.
The results of that are available in an Excel table here.

Warning! Warning! If you thought for a moment about viewing that table then you are in danger of being obsessive. Excel tables are NOT interesting.

Any way, back to daylight saving. I actually didn't change all the clocks. But I struggled with my phone alarm to ensure that the automatic update of time was on and that it worked. After 15 mins of testing (pretty obsessive) I convinced myself it did and it duly went off, but it seemed awfully dark outside.
I checked what I could and it seemed to be 6.25 so that was OK.
No two clocks in the house agree about anything, so I am feeling confused. Has the al;lowance for daylight saving happened?
"Did you change the clocks?" I asked my beloved (most unlikely...she is obsessive but in much more imaginative ways than I am)
I decided finally that had got up an hour earlier than I needed to.

So what to do. Well I have blogged about it! What an obsessive

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