Friday, 2 March 2007

Weekly curiosities

In a mixed week there are numerous things to think about as it draws to a close. As with all these things they are of mixed importance and quality, but here goes:

  • In a week in which it looked as though we were having real political debate in the Federal Parliament we descended into name calling. I was enjoying the toing and froing about what is happening with regard to the war in Iraq, and the coal vs.nuclear power debate.
  • BUT inevitably when the Opposition started to make inroads we now find ourselves discussing why Mr Squeaky Clean Rudd was meeting with Mr Nasty Western Australia Burke. Well done to Rudd for not trying to brazen it out but rather to admit that it was a mistake. I don't imagine the electorate will be so forgiving.
  • The arrival of Ms Maxine McKew on the scene has brought a little leaven to the lump. One can only think that the next election will be more interesting with her presence along with Malcolm Turnbull, and Peter Garrett. My great fear is that these high-calibre high-profile won't become disillusioned with the ridiculous antics of the pollies which the Costellos, Albaneses, Pines, Abbotts and Swanns of this world seem so skilled at.
  • Surprise, surprise the solution to our water problems..The Wellington Weir..which was going to cost $20 million (not!) is now going to cost six times that and indeed as it is supposed to be is going to cost more than the original cost to remove!!
  • Further conversatioin with ecumenical colleagues yesterday clearly demonstrated that everyone was experiencing a massive increase in off the street callers seeking handouts . One of my fellow ministers made the observation that recent publicity about central city agencies (eg. The Magdalene Centre, and other agencies) having nothing on the shelves may well have precipitated this. I doubt an exact correlation but it is a contributing factor. It raises the question about what is the nature of our Brave New World which is now having systemic dysfunction flowing through to me!...I suppose I need to grow up and stopping being so naive.
  • I had the curious experience in trying to deal with the after effects of the fire at St John's of seeking to ensure that things proceeded apace. My goal has been to try and ensure that everything like this happens twice as fast as it has normally done. [This might mean that things get done at only slightly slower than it should actually take] Part of this involved making an appointment with a senior churchman who needed to be consulted about changes that may need to be made. It took ten days to finalise the actual appointment time. In my last discussion with his secretary I was offered two times, one of which was a semi-spontaneous offerto appear on a Sunday morning. It seemed strange to me that in grappling with getting a time, such a prime time was being offered ...normally we would want to be more prpeared. Maybe we shouldn't need to be. But that's sort of the way it goes. When honoured guests come to visit you want to do it right. Changing times.
  • Also I have been having thoughts and some preliminary discussions about the desire of another Anglican parish wanting to plant a congregation within the parish I serve. (Not wanting to join our parish but be separate).The more I think about this, the more it troubles me. We are having a fundamental shift in the name of trying to find modern responses to changed circumstances. As with all these things we need to be pretty careful about babies and bath water
  • Further, and more importantly we have another family baby to protect. Zara (new great niece) is presently staying at the Adelaide Hilton. These days its cheaper to keep mother and baby in luxury than in the hospital!! Crikey Moshe!! Hope mother and baby don't get thrown out with the spa water!

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