Friday, 30 March 2007

Who'd be a politician?

The ever smiling Iain Evans, leader of the State Opposition is under seige yet again. His popularity rating has never been particularly high. The most that can be said about him is that he is less hard-faced than some of his opponents. One in particular, who shall remain nameless but who is not of the same gender as the Hon Iain.
It's suggested in the press and on the radion today that the next Liberal leaders may not actually be in the Parliament yet. That may be true.
But an interesting discussion ensued about the ingenuous Martin Hamilton-Smith who precipitated the last leadership spill. And lost!
But it needs to be said that Marty has kept his profile high and has ridden his motorbike unceasingly around the State's worst roads. He is often interviewed, and sometimes makes sense!
This is more than the other key players often do. Monsieur Evans and Madame Hard Face often just seem to whine and whine and whine about the Government, and fail to capture the popular imagination.
Although Hamilton-Smith looked like a total goose when denied any factional support in the recent stoush, has he positioned himself so that when next he moves he will not be so easily disregarded. A strange similarity to Senor Rudd's path to glory, which appears to have been successful in the long.
It is interesting to note in the picture alongside, (Marty in the front row with the brown jacket) that the above mentioned other female aspirant is sitting quite in the shade. Far be it from me to say she has missed the boat, but I am putting my money on Opposition Leader Hamilton-Smith in the next six months , not Evans or Chapperson!

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