Thursday, 26 April 2007

Almost there

Apart from sleepless nights and a head that spins, and worse every fraction of stress always goes to my gut! there is a sense that almost all plans are almost there.
I am in the middle of just transferring the itinerary for S & I and it convinces me of one thing.... though it is good to be able to book stuff on the net, I understand better why there is such a thing as a travel agent
It just takes so much time, and there are too many balls to keep in the air.
Well once we are in the air it will all just happen.
A number of people have asked me what will happen to blogging in the next month or two and the best answer is to say it will be spasmodic.
This is largely to do with internet & computer access and not because, dear reader, I do not love you.
I have said to a number of enquirers....Perhaps you could be the guest blogger...but so far no takers
Today's picture is the Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano, where we will be staying!!

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