Monday, 2 April 2007

First things first

The first thing on my list of things to do today is to write a list of things to do for this week.
Apart from all the usual things like ensuring things are ready to go for the weekend...where there are enough extra things any way because of the celebration of Easter.
There is also:
  • The need to practice 'walking to the bus' with S she will have to do this by herself when we are away
  • A sewage leak at the Church property is going to mean spending extra time clearing hedgerow and just "being there" when the workmen are there
  • Our truculent neighbour appears to have spent yesterday afternoon revamping his list of complaints with ever-incresing vehemence, and, it might be said never ending reiteration of issues that I can do little about
  • the lawns need to be downside of a tiuny little bit of rain afdter months of waiting

In the way of such lists, written to ensure that things don't get overlooked they have a way of growing and growing.
But I suppose it was ever so.

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