Saturday, 21 April 2007

Not a drop

I was wondering in the shower (necessarily two minutes) this morning just what could go wrong next. This was not just the mere meanderings of my tiny little life, pathetic as it is; this was more mega-stuff.
One could be forgiven for thinking that things are really stuffed. Adelaide may have only 40 days of water left if it doesn't rain soon! The PM suggested yesterday (last ditch attempt of course) that we should all pray for rain...And I mean that! but what did he mean?
Did he mean that we are indeed at the point where there is no solution and so we might as well do something useless like pray? Did he mean ...ahh well it can't hurt? Did he mean tyo suggest that as a person of deep faith he believed that the Lord God (Adonai Elohenu oops...HaShem) could effect the replenishing of the Murray Darling basin....Or did he have a more profound view of my friend A who says that rain-prayer helps us to express our needs and commit ourselves to God in everything. It would be good to think that a PM had such a sophisticated view.

Any way back to the shower. I came across the good news that you can now buy caffeinated soap {here}...why? I hear you ask!
So that while you are in the shower for your two minutes. You can also get your fix...which will kick in within five minutes.
Sounds plausible...and you would save the cup of boiling water.
BUT the joy of coffee is to do with drinking it isn't it. I have imagined already this morning sipping capuccino on the Piazza Navona (pictured) or the Boulevard St Germain...................

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