Monday, 2 April 2007


There is a sense in which we are all being gently weaned to an inevitability with respect to nuclear energy.
The Premier visiting the laregst Copper/Uranium mine in the world....Antifagasto.
He looks out in awe, and the implication is....we should have one like that here. We can have the biggest Uranium mine in the world. Then we will be looked up by anyone who has any sense.
The catalyst BHP-Billiton says we can make this happen. But better than we can have desalination at Port Augusta or Whyalla, and everyone knows there is a great big sea out there just ready to be desalinated and solve the drought.
Ahh says the PM, if you have a big mine and desalinated water then you need a reactor to go with it. It would be foolish...even immoral to not get one, or two or maybe three .

And have we also forgotten that it is in the eyes of the PM and the world at large highly desirable that SA become the dump for all the world's spent nuclear fuel.

Wow. What a rosy future!

Well if not rosey then glowing, in fact everyone in the state will no longer need electricty we will all glow of our own accord. Not mono but multi-nucleosis!

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