Wednesday, 11 April 2007


Even I am surprised by the accuracy of my earlier-rather-later than prediction of the local Liberal party spill (see the entry for March 30). We await the result with interest.
In the meantime the PM looks increasingly worried, not that he is given to smiling, but he always looks sullen and projects a most dismal image. One can only imagine that the prospect (which seems unremitting with every new report) that they will not be able to pull the cat out of the electoral bag must way heavily upon him. Be that as it may, he was oft warned that he would be better to leave at his peak rather than after things started to go down.
Costello must seethe at the thought of the fact that his nemesis will leave only when he is defeated, and he (Costello) will simply not be able to generate enough support to get himself back as PM.
Maybe these are only very short-term projections and don't warrant much thought, but I am on such an high at having been soooooo accurate about Marty's leadership challenge that I am presuming to cast my net wider.
To put my money where my mouth is 8.25 and I am putting my money that Iain Evans will not be the State Liberal leader at midday.

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