Wednesday, 16 May 2007

There is no place

I have no idea what is happening in Australia at all!! It is interesting how little Australian news is reported here..Sylvester Stallone's brush with importing steroids was mentioned on the news last night, the first time Australian news had been heard. You may or may not be aware that Britain's PM Blair has resigned and the Labour Party will elect his successor this week. The TV discussion seems as convoluted and meaningless as such things do in Australia. At once all engrossing, yet essentially meaningless to all but those whose lives are affected.
You probably don't hear much either about Maddy McCann a small British child who disappeared whilst on holiday in portugal. It is obsessing the media at the moment, as such things would in Australia. What does it all mean?
We are missing our children, such things are meaningful to us. We have always tended to talk to our children every day...and are increasingly doing so as our holiday goes on....but news and events pass us by.
The London Underground seems almost unreal, there are constant recorded messages delivered in an Orwellian tone.
"Mind the Gap" the traveller is warned..."Do not leave your belongings unattended" is a constant drone and I wondered amidst all this if they ever said anything of import.
"Mind the Gap" said last night..."There will be no service beyond Finchley Road tonight because of a body on the track"
Had I heard right!!!? yes
And so it continued..."Mind the Gap!"

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