Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Black children overboard?

I have resisted the temptation to leap (overboard?) on this awful issue of disarray (too weak?) or anarchy( too strong?) in remote aboriginal communities.
I don't know that I have formulated clear ideas about this issue so much as a series of dilemmas which I can't easily get my mind around. I suspect in this regard I am like many people.
  • There is no doubt that these problems exist and need immediate attention
  • We are so city focussed in this country that we have a huge problem in this country taking issues in remote and rural communities. It is easy for these issues to slip out of any effective focus and to get anything done. This is not just an issue about abuse, it is also about the inadequate resources that are made available for health, education and human services in general
  • This problem has been with us for decades and I am suspicious of why there is now such a strong focus. The electorate is (in my mind) rightly suspicious fo what the political motivation for this might be; and the phrase Black Tampa, perhaps a highly emotive one, is worth keeping in my mind
  • It would seem to me that everyone should be trying to keep our political masters (for masters they mainly are) out of the controversial process decision making. This seems unlikely since we are talking big bucks, and the current political mood is not so much about the community good as about getting value for the dollar.
  • I also have tucked at the back of my mind the question of why the focus is on aboriginal communities alone. This is not to understate the importance and the community's particular responsibility for the ruin of aboriginal people. But what of other socially depressed and oppressed groups
  • The nature of these sorts of issues is difficult to discuss and uncover, but let us not pretend that the issue sof child abuse is in aboriginal communities alone or exclusively
  • This stuff is not good!


JahTeh said...

If I was an Koori mother, I wouldn't care if I was hearing rumours or truth, I'd still take my child and run.
Is this government so out of the real world that it doesn't realize how little it's trusted?

stephen clark said...

Well unfortunately I think they are out of touch.
It is part of the hubris of long term government that they fail to be chastened by the need to engender trust, they think that they have it. Well, I think they will discover they don't.
I rather agree with you about the doubts I would have if I was a Nunga (as we call them in SA rather than a Koori).

But what the you do?