Friday, 1 June 2007

Early morning mueslings

As we begin the final stage of our Grand Tour, this time next week we will be preparing for the flight from KL to Adelaide, there are certain random musings about world culture that float in and out at irregular intervals. Some of them are:
  • Family is a very close bond. Yesterday my aunt showed me pictures of my grandmother at her wedding and you would have sworn it was my sister. These physical characteristics are perhaps more noticeable when the gaps of observation are decades rather than days or weeks.
  • Family Personality transcends all sorts of things. My aunty with whom we have been staying (and who will be reading this!!..hello Adelaide) who is my father's half sister is also remarkably like me in many ways. Both bossy and right! Of course we are also wildly different. My cousins with whom we grew up and from whom we have been separated for many years, are able just to sit down and pick up the conversation and get up to speed in half an hour. A great thing. Of course we walk out of each other's lives for another few years today,
  • Supermarkets are a great leveller. They all look like Blackwood or Unley. Though they have their distinctive stuff. Fabulously cheap Pasta and cheese in Rome, beautiful patisserie on the shelves in Paris, and good Pork Pies in England!! Yet there is plastic wrap, garbage bags, shampoo and cup-a-soup, that all look the same!! Great levellers and yet there is regional stamping.
  • Cars. The world is transport mad and greedy, it is interesting to note what Adelaide could avoid if it acts now. But most places leave it till it's too late. Maybe this is simplistic...but the world can't go on doing what it has been doing.
  • Politics. There is an opportunistic sameness about the process, having been in France for the last Presidential election, and England for Blair's resignation one might asell have been in Australia.
  • Synod. I missed my first synod ever because I was away. I seem to have survived!

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