Friday, 15 June 2007


Allowing for the fact that it is the last week of sitting for the Federal Parliament, and I have been away for six weeks, I am already tired of the drivel that is passing for serious political debate.
The beat-up about using Kiribilli House for whatever purpose is tedious in the extreme. Likewise if I hear the carefully scripted use of the term "Union bosses" again I will scream...when will we actually get down to policy and substance.
I want to discuss not "catering costs" or "election strategies" as tittilating as these might be; but rather such issues as:
  • how is the education system going to be upscaled in the next two decades to set us in a key postion for the future?
  • how are inequalities between various people in the workforce going to be addressed to allow the whole of our society to benefit from the relevantly buoyant state ofg our economy
  • what is being discussed behind the scenes about issues to do with future power-generation, nuclear power and carbon emissions
Let's drop the crap about the fluff and get on with the important stuff.

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