Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Do you want to know a secret?

It will come as no surprise to anyone that early opinion polls about workplace agreements will not be released for general public consumption. Indeed they will be kept secret (here).
Apparently the PM thinks that the electorate will be confused by the figures.
The oft touted line by both sides of politics that the Australian electorate is sufficiently intelligent to be able to assess such information only appears to be true when 'information' supports your particular side.
I think, any way, that forbidding the reading (as always) makes us surer about the content, and I suppose we will all be much more eager to get our hands on red hot copy, which will turn out to be as dry as dust!
I don't mean to be particularly pedantic, but I have blogged about this twice in the last fortnight (here and here). We are being treated like idiots and need to not take this sort of manipulation. It will only get worse.

On a lighter note, I have suggested in a letter to the press that the curious idea that William Windsor (a British Rock Concert Promoter) would like to become GG of Australia should nto be dismissed out of hand. But as in the case of those who want to become elected politicians who, like William, happen to be British citizens he should first be required to renounce his British citizenship!
Flinty, that urbane professor of the monarchic cause, thinks it a spiffing idea of course (here), and it would attract attention to Australia. Strangely, I thought that our recent experience would suggest to us that attention is the last thing we want our GGs to generate.


Anonymous said...

(Doesn't this make some sense ?)

But nail him down on what makes
a good leader, and "Bothers" says
it's about getting back to basics.
"You've got to relate to and
understand people, have a picture
of what you are trying to do,
where you want to go, why you
need to be there and what actually
needs to be done along the way -
it's fundamental. You've got to be
able to relate to people and be

stephen clark said...

Not really sure what your point is here Jim