Wednesday, 4 July 2007

More Footprints

As I continue to think about the faith footprint, it would be easy to self-indulgently critical of my personal footprint. But fundamentally Christians understand that faith is lived out in community, and so (in a way) individual footprints are beside the point....of course it is often the footprint of the individual that impresses or repels us as being the main point at which we make the identification Christian  one way or the other.
Our family footprint is something like this.
We are five, one man and four women. 
It makes for interesting life, and every now and then there is an insane outburst of dancing and singing! There is much talk about clothes and image, we all struggle with our weight.
We are all very assertive. I sometimes reflect that my three daughters are exactly what I hoped they would be. Articulate, sensitive, capable of holding our own in conversation.
I just down like it when the power I have been able to wield because of my own forcefulness is challenged by those who I have sought to make strong!!
We are in contact with each other every day, even when we are not physically located in the same place, even (as we have recently been) when we are overseas, or as one of us is today - interstate. (just rang and she is OK!)
We try to eat together at least once a day, and we pray before we eat. We have managed to do this for the 25 years we have been married but this is rather breaking down.
Only one of us really goes to church with any regularity.
There is much more that could be said.

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