Tuesday, 24 July 2007

What we pay you for?

I suppose politicians have a tricky and responsible job. Which is why we pay them a lot of money. So I am always a little disappointed when they fail to deliver. There is, sadly, not much to pick between both sides. Maybe that is because in the search for truth, justice and....well let's not get carried away....but maybe there are only a few limited answers.
We could at least expect that opposing parties might actually offer us some choice of policy, but they don't seem to.
So I am disappointed when:
  • Both sides seem to be remarkably silent about the injustices in Immigration law
  • Both sides capitulate to logging interests because there are critical votes at stake
  • Neither side seems concerned about the obvious injustices done to Mohammad Haniff as they were about David Hicks
  • Both sides accept the heresy of the 'free market' which dictates everything about economy
When will one side or other actually offer something that looks not just like pragmatism, but like hope and vision. If we can't have vision couldn't we have a little imagination instead of this wretched cynicism that you seem inten to dish up.
Isn't THAT what we actually are paying you for?

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