Friday, 31 August 2007


The Greens are accusing Peter Garrett of talking gobbledegook over the Tasmanian Pulp Mill (here). Now this is going to happen to him increasingly up and until his party gets into power.
So two predictions are:
  1. That if (by some slim chance) Labor don't win then Garrett will jump ship because he won't really be able to bring any real influence to bear from long-term Opposition. (It will be interesting to see what Turnbull does if he is consigned to Opposition for similar sorts of reasons).
  2. If he gets into a Government, then he had better start effecting some real political clout in the environmental debate or the Greens' critique will indeed be seen to be true. I would imagine if he just becomes a stooge then (again) he will jump ship because his whole raison-d'-etre will collapse underneath him...and I would like to think that his integrity won't be able to bear that
So, to the Greens it needs to be said, you need to be patient with Garrett.
The sad reality of politics is that not every battle can be fought at each and every opportunity. If, however, when he gets some real power he then doesn't do anything...then he should be hammered

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