Saturday, 25 August 2007

Not entirely getting the logic

I was interested to watch the youngest SC's reaction to the recurrence of the drug advertising this week. We sat quietly as we took in the theme.
"I wanted to be a fireman!" said the child voice of the desperate boy ravaging some woman's bag for credit cards or money. "I want to be a chef" said the girl who was screaming in an uncontrollable rage at her mother,. the mother who she had just confessed had given her the love of cooking in the first place.
The voice of the seven year old boy told about being a professional footballer, as his 17 year old body was zipped into a body bag.
Big SC and little SC watched quietly as the punchline was delivered. "Drugs cost lives"
They are a very powerful and good series of adverts.
Yesterday the mandatory government packet arrived in the post with the same message, being print it's a bit boring. And in fact still sits sealed in its plastic bag.
Am I too cynical to think that this latter piece of information is not about drugs at all, it is about election? It is a government who fears that it is perceived as doing nothing about issues that really hurt, and so wheels out the icing just to remind us that they are the source of this strong stuff.
It is not surprising either that the terrorism ads have also reappeared don't you think? Nor that the State Opposition has announced a policy about exposing police corruption if it gets elected.
It seems to me that it is not about any of this stuff. It is about wanting to be seen to be hard.
Unfortunately too many electors are appeased by this, when we should be saying...."I see the advertising, but are you actually doing anything?"

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