Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Not quite convinced - but open

I hear what Minister Andrews offered us last night by way of explanation, and I am not quite convinced but am open to see what transpires today.
What might be of concern is just how fairly innocuous conversation which may be overheard or monitored might be open to multiple interpretation. The Minister argues that he should act on the side of conservatism in regard to the safety of the general populace, and no one should have any truck with that.
When I cast my mind back to recent conversations that I have had with my siblings I am sure that they are unguarded and that I have shared things with them which would be capable of gross misinterpretation outside the parameters of that relationship. After all we go back a long way and we play games both negative and positive with each other. A bland reading of our conversations would no doubt be open to misinterpretation by those who don't know us, and let's face it when others are around sisters and brothers probably don't carry on in the same way as they might when they are alone. So I am guarded about what Andrews is offering us.
I am, today, content to wait for another 24 hours and see what else might happen.


JahTeh said...

Not just over the telephone but on my blog and in comments all over the internet. I am surprised that I haven't been arrested for sedition for the numerous insults I've directed against members of our Federal Government.

stephen clark said...

yes, as the day has gone on I have been less convinced of Herr Andrew's approach, and think the whole thing is quite sinister.