Monday, 13 August 2007

What's all this then?

I had a conversation yesterday with an older friend who has identified herself to me before as a Liberal voter, she simply said....I hear all this talk about how good the economy is, I just don't know who gets the benefit of it. It's certainly not me.

She is a person of very modest income, whose husband died a few years ago after quite a long period of sickness. She has not lived a lavish lifestyle, and has a nice but modest house. She drives a car. I imagine that is what kills her!

I am (just) old enough to remember the foolishness of British PM, Harold Macmillan, who in the 60s insisted on telling the public in that pompous accent of the old Etonian"Let's face it most people have never had it so good!"
The public however didn't believe him and voted him out at the next possible opportunity.
I think wee Johnny would do better to look at that example rather than to his idol Mr Bush.

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