Friday, 14 September 2007


The rain seems to have been significant and yet when you scratch your garden you don't go very deep to get to the dry.
I still think the 'desalination' plan that is being promoted by our (SA) government is a sop to the electorate. Some interesting analyses on radio and in the press are saying tings like. The billion or so that would be needed could be better and more locally distributed. If, for example, you ensured every dwelling had rainwater and/or recycled grey water then if there are 400,000 dwellings they could be well subsidised and probably to better effect. It would be relatively quick to come online unlike the fabled desalination whichy looks like one of those things that will inevitable 'blow out'.
Our Port Elliott House totally recycles all the septic water, and that's a modest little dwelling  in a tin pot little town. Surely such simple slutions sould not be overlooked in the bid to apease the electorate!

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