Thursday, 6 September 2007

What do you eat?

Summoned to school the other day to pick up S who was (again) suffering stomach pains, I arrived at the sick room to find it full! The nurse concerned about the nasty gastric bug that is going round was keen to get them home. S was keen to go to school yesterday, because they have the great Tournament on the weekend (click here and go to SA)and yesterday was the day they had to work getting it together.
At one stage during the day she (nearly 6 foot) said to me "What can I have to eat?" I suggested "Nothing"...she seemed to think that she would in that case die of starvation. So a few bland things, rice and bread were consumed.
She became more adventurous (or foolish) however you choose to look at it and during the night was up with agonising pains.
So today it is "Nothing!" unless you can advise what to give a giant with an upset tummy

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