Wednesday, 12 September 2007

What end blogging?

Pursuant to a conversation during which my neighbour (who I shall refer to as Dr W for the sake of anonymity)harangued us because his hearing aid didn't appear to be working properly...or was it because I was at the other end of the table (either way W it was like the good old days) we were told that we should be careful lest our lunchtime conversation appear on my blog.
This is not unreasonable, though I would always remove personal comment if asked.
It does raise the question about the way information is now being transmitted, but I shall leave you to think about that.
But I did think the cartoon below was rather fun!


Anonymous said...

Hearing aids don't work in noisy cafes. So it was good to have an excuse to return to the old days of unlimited volume

Dr W.

Mark Riessen said...

You guys are killing me! JM and i are in my office having a good belly laugh.

So what shall we talk about next...the nature of the trinity? The bodily resurrection? Ooo i know the infalibility of God.

Can't wait for the next gathering.

stephen clark said...

All of those topics are good ones.Perhaps you could prepare a three point summary on each topic(with references to the work of Gregory of Nazianzus where possible)
BUT...I do actually think the Trinity is quite important for those of us who (like you and I) think the Gospel is about wholeness!!