Saturday, 22 December 2007

A life in the day...and a day in the life

Well it all hots up! People often say to me .."I suppose this is your busy time!" (when is it not?). And my customary response (once everything is done...and we are not quite there yet, still a Church Christmas Tree to put in place) is "Ah well it's all downhill from here!" And there is a sense in which things just roll on down and gather momentum, and then Whoops! It's Christmas Eve.
And it truly is all downhill from there.
So yesterday was really a roller coaster.I tried to have a day off and had one of those funny days when I didn't quite do anything completely, and ended up feeling I would have been better to have worked. But I was a bit too fed up with it all.
Then the roller coaster started.
My brother in law is inconsiderate enough to have been born on that day 44 years ago, and so we duly have a birthday party. I always think it is a most ridiculous thing to do so close to Christmas, but it usually turns out to be good to have had an enforced break. And it was so.
So I was to pick my good lady wife up at 6.45. And I duly started to organise the youngest S Clark (who had been at a "sleep" over the night little sleep was had that in the warmth of the night they were swimming at 2 a.m. in the pool.) She was pretty tired and I offered to let her stay at home, but no she wanted to come. So we set off 30 mins late and didn't pick up Mrs S Clark until 7.10. Didn't matter, but there you go.
We had a nice relaxed dinner. Though it was obvious we weren't actually going to get home to make shortbread and clean up.
In rolls Dr Professor (another brother in law) who suggested he had been "winding up" all week at various functions. In a rather loud mouthed way (which is quite uncharacteristic as he is usually very controlled in family environments.... I on the other hand many years ago was once very rude to him at a family party when I had had too much to drink and he was spouting off his Thatcherite politics, suggesting the unemployed had only themselves to blame!!) Any way I think he had had enough, as I had had enough on that previous occasion, and guards were dropped.
He promptly, loudly and persistently began to mock the arrangements for Christmas feasting saying "They will never work.!" As his good lady was the principal coordinatrix, I thought it was pretty uncalled for. And he went on and on.
Finally Mrs S C reeled him in and bet him a dinner for the whole family at the Port Eliott pub, a contract was duly signed!! (Lest in our sober state we duly forget!) And thus everyone was galvanised. I think he will lose his bet and dinner will be served on time!
My question? Was this a ploy? I don't think so, but it was clever if it was.
My wife turned over in bed as dawn broke and reflecting on the unpleasantness and bizarritude....Thank goodness you are not an ********! At last I am appreciated.
In the predawn light K crept in after late night dancing. Middle S snuck off to work, (and D too I think!). Young S...still asleep...had a great night with the cousins, tired though she was. Mrs S...still asleep...has shortbread to make and stuff to do.
And I am blogging, I suspect procrastinating erecting the stupid Tannenbaum!


SouthOzBloke said...

Ah Stephen, Christmas certainly has a strange effect on people doesn't it?
I hope Chrissie brings nothing but happiness to you and yours.
Have a good one and keep blogging.

stephen clark said...

At least the tree is done!!