Thursday, 20 December 2007

O Carol!

I don't look forward, by and large,to sitting through carol concerts. One of the hazards of the job I suppose.
So I was pleasantly surprised by our local offering tonight. We had opted for low key carols with our resident choir who have struggled over a number of years to 'get their act together'.
At times in the past I have thought it was OK (I used to be a tenor member),but we had a long way to go.
Tonight there was a sense of together!!
I have witnessed this with music groups before, after a while they actually begin to hear each other and start to sing together. This choir hast started to do that. Particularly pleasing is the way the men have come together, with one new addition to their number ...a younger male, T, who has had some rigorous choir training, now he has become a baritone he has provided (I think) a focal point for the wavering group of fellahs.
I was sharing this with J the director and she was saying the same thing at the same time that I was saying, and then again with B (one of the disparate basses) who was attesting that T had really brought them together . Any way it is true. T has unknowingly united his fellow male singers.
Great stuff and the Berlioz Christmas Carol was something special!!
Oh! and one reader reminds me that a very good thing was the way in which the Sops stood up to own the singing of the descants. They used to be too frightened to do that!!
What a good night!

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