Saturday, 29 December 2007

What a ham!

The youngest SC picked up a ham leg in the supermarket last evening and said "That's even looks like a leg!"
It would have been more believable if she wasn't such a bacon addict.
I want to assure people that no geese were harmed during the celebrations of our Nowell this year...we did actually witness two (aptly named nana and pa) waddling across the road whilst having our St John's Day dinner on the balcony.
A couple of wassails were sacrificed, and we minced a few pies. Unfortunately two turkeys did bite the dust, and some prawns, a dozen oysters (all by me), and some smoked salmon. Many millions of maltesers were crushed to make our particular version of Christmas pudding, along with flakes, mars bars etc.
But no geese were harmed!
(When I typed turkey into the tags below why did Martin Hamilton-Smith come up?)

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