Monday, 28 January 2008

Blowed if I know

Is Australia Day on January 26th or not?

All the honours came out on that day, the citizenship ceremonies seem to have been then...but people keep referring to today (the Monday the actual day we are having as a public holiday) as the same.

To confound it all (let us rejoice) shops like Myers and Harvey Normans appeared to be trading on 26th and 27th like normal. Some (most) supermarkets appearde to be open on 26th.

And (for we are young and free) most advertising about iut appeared to be encouarging people to dust off the barbie as the quintessential Australian activity.


Ms Smack said...

I think it is officially the 26th, but Australians are granted a public holiday if the day falls on a week-end. Can you image the outrage if we just had a normal weekend? hahah

Happy Australia Day.

stephen clark said...

Yes, I get the idea. I just thought that we had finally decided that we were going to celebrate Australia Day on the day come hell or high water.
Apparently not.
I wonder why we just can't always have it on the last Monday in January?