Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Unbelievable and yet strangely believable!

Choking on one's muesli, I had to laugh to hear Malcolm Turnbull say that the task for the incoming Labor Government was to not blame the previous Government for the financial mess that it inherited.
This is rich coming from a party which continued, up until it was removed from power, to blame the governments of Hawke and Keating for over a decade after those Labor governments set up the financial structures which allowed the Liberals to capitalise on a deregulated environment which they themselves had failed to establish. This despite having been in power for most of the four decades from the 40s to the 80s.
I think the electorate at the last election found this all wore a bit thin, at what point would the Howard Government actually take responsibility for having got somethings wrong as well as taking the (often unwarranted) credit for having got things right?
Turnbull is right, in a way, the Rudd government will need to accept responsibility for what they do. But give them a has only been weeks since they took over!

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